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How to Use The Mail Finder on AgencyLabs

To find emails through AgencyLabs, follow these steps:

1) Go to “Email Finder” in your personal dashboard.

2) After your page changed, you can click “New check” to create a new website check.

3) You can import a list in either CSV or XLSX format to import up to 150 websites. 2-3) If you choose a manual check, you can create fields with (4) and fill them out like in (2-3). Just enter your desired website domain, and we will proceed to check it.
After finishing the form, you can start the mail finder by clicking “Start check.” (5)

4) After starting the scan, you can view the status as shown here (1). To view further information, click anywhere in the box to open the scan. (2)

5) When the status changes to “Finished,” you can view your final results.

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